Grounded in truth. Alive with purpose. Powerful in expression.


1-on-1 Coaching

Uncover your unique values and make resonant choices that allow you to conquer your fears, create plans of action, and become more resilient. Through one-on-one coaching, you will find the support you need to ground yourself in truth and move forward with ease and a greater sense of self.


Group Workshops

Explore new perspectives and develop greater grace for yourself and others as you participate in a small group setting. Discover the unique ways you impact the people around you, and practice articulating and expressing your values and beliefs. Tap into your creativity as you engage with art, nature and music.


Adventure Retreats

Broaden your skills and experiences through hiking, climbing, and camping adventures! Grow your outdoor skills, as well as your internal awareness and resources. Navigate challenges with a holistic approach - taking mind, body, soul, spirit and heart into account.


Root. Water. Grow.

We all crave stability in life. We chase after things we think will create a firm foundation from which to launch. What if building that foundation wasn't about chasing the next thing, but rather grounding ourselves in the truth about who we are and how we were made? What if we took the time to look at our roots, water our capabilities, and grow our unique expression to powerfully impact the world around us?


"Be you, bravely."




Partner with me

Hi, I'm Steph!

I believe we were made to live purposefully and courageously, and I'm passionate about providing spaces for people to discover their values, explore their process, and creatively impact their world.

My hope is that you will become grounded and strong in your sense of self and equipped with confidence as you navigate your story.

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